Sixth Form Results

Congratulations to our Sixth Formers who have achieved, once again, some exceptional results.

The school recently celebrated some world class achievements with the publication of our International Baccalaureate Diploma results.  Having pioneered the programme in the state sector in 1977, the school has consistently performed above world averages.  This year the average point score globally was 29 (out of a maximum of 45) and the average at the Anglo was 34.  Our students have already secured their university or apprenticeship places and their summer holiday began in earnest in early July.

Co-headteacher, David Barrs, commented “The IB sets this school apart in the UK state sector.  It is recognised as a broad, challenging, internationally-minded qualification.  Its philosophy influences much of what we do here at the Anglo and we are delighted that another generation of IB graduates can move confidently on to the next stage of their lives”.

Today we congratulate our A level cohort who have secured impressive results with over a quarter of all grades awarded being at A* or A grade. The average point score per student has also increased and this includes a number of students who take four A levels in line with our strong commitment to a broad curriculum. 

This breadth also includes BTEC and Institute for Financial Studies courses, the latter returning a 100% pass rate.  It also includes the IB Career Programme which the school has also pioneered, being the first school to offer it in 2010.  

Co-headteacher, Jody Gee, commented, “We are extremely proud of what our students have achieved which is testament to their ambition, hard work and the commitment of our dedicated staff. Students are now considering their options which include university and apprenticeships.  Four students have already secured places at Oxbridge.  We wish all of our students every success for their future studies”.

Over three quarters of the sixth form students have already secured their university courses and they can now look forward to starting their undergraduate studies at the university of their choice.  Over the coming days, we expect this proportion to increase significantly as universities confirm places for our outstanding candidates. These offers include successful Oxbridge candidates, such as a student reading Mathematics at Oxford having gained four A* grades at A level and another student studying Medicine at the new ARU Medical School in Chelmsford having gained A* & A grades. They also include a student reading Liberal Arts in the USA having gained 37 points on the IB and another reading Japanese at Leeds University having gained an outstanding A level and BTEC grades.  Once again, our students have been successful in their applications nationally and internationally in a broad range of courses that reflect the aims of the school.

Representatives from UNHCR visit the Sixth Form

Over the past year, the Sixth Form Refugee CAS group have been in contact with the London Office of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), following an inspirational trip to the UN Office in Geneva that many students participated in last Summer. The CAS group started off last September collecting clothes donations from students and parents from the school community to be sent to displaced refugees around the Pas-de-Calais region, but has since taken an international focus. Since January, they have been raising money through cake sales and quizzes for those fleeing war and persecution. Scarlett Pochet, a member of the CAS Group said “We are extremely lucky to have received support from Shazia Hassam and James Bulman from UNHCR, who have not only provided resources but have also taken time to travel to Anglo to speak to the Sixth Form – we are extremely grateful for all of their help! As the term comes to a close, we are looking forward to hosting an overnight Camp-Out for our cause.

Year 9 students participate in an Enterprise Day

Our year 9 students have once again participated in an Enterprise Day organised and delivered by our Lower Sixth International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme students as part of their Approaches to Learning module which focuses on transferable work and life skills.

The year 9 task for the day was to create an ethical café / shop based around food or drink and to produce and present a business plan for it, including a budget & marketing strategy. The students were very fortunate in having some “experts” on hand to assist them in the task – namely representatives from Lloyds Bank, Shaken udder Milkshakes, an Independent Entrepreneur and the Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society. These experts presented some key ideas on budgeting, marketing and corporate social responsibility to the students and were then on hand throughout the morning for students to “drop in” for more specific advice and guidance. In the afternoon each group presented their creations to our expert panel who judged them and awarded prizes.

Students have a fantastic time at their Prom

The Upper Sixth students all had a fantastic time at their Prom last night, which was well-deserved after all the hard work they put into their recent examinations. The evening was a real celebration of their time with us in the Sixth Form and the school and was a genuinely happy and emotional evening for all involved. We hope the students enjoy their Summer and we look forward to seeing them back in school on their results days to celebrate their success.

Students were fortunate to hear from a genuine entrepreneur

Sixth Form students were very fortunate to hear from a genuine entrepreneur today who showed them that with an idea, hard work and a bit of luck, anyone can turn their dreams into reality. Sarah Wood talked to the students about her company’s rise from a three person operation launching , ‘vaguely successful websites sharing amusing videos’, to being part of one of the world’s largest media companies in News Corp. She not only inspired the students and encouraged them to actively take risks, but also showed them that belief in yourself and what you enjoy can take you a very long way.

Congratulations to all the Year 6 students who have received an offer to join Anglo

We would like to congratulate all the Year 6 students who have received an offer to join Anglo European School in September. A welcome letter has been posted out to you which you should receive today or tomorrow. We look forward to meeting you all at our induction days on 27th and 28th June.

Please follow our Facebook page for future events such as our Eisteddfod or join classes with the International Drama Academy at Anglo on Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00.

Head Boy and Girl welcomes Head Boys and Girls from our three local primary schools

Our Head Boy, Head Girl and the two Deputies welcomed the student council, prefects and Head Boys and Girls from our three local primary schools.  The students met the Head Team who gave them a brief overview of what their role was at Anglo and explained about the Student Executive and the Anglo Council.  They discussed various projects that they were working on and the possibility of working together in the future.  The students were then taken to meet with the Anglo Council consisting of representatives from each year group.  After a brief introduction they talked about tutor period, the Anglo Agreement, Showmyhomework and possible joint projects with the primary schools in the future, such as, a joint sports day, recycling projects, mentoring and taster sessions.

Head Boy and Head Girl Elections

The Head Boy and Head Girl elections are well underway. All candidates needed to gain five nominations or more from their peers to be officially in the running. They have had meetings with the Sixth Form staff to discuss their candidacy and to talk through their policies to see if they were feasible. An interview has taken place with the Headteachers and they have since written their manifestos, designed their poster and edited their campaign video. The campaign week will run from 1st February to 8th February and then the voting will take place on 8th February. Our new Head Boy and Head Girl will be announced on 9th February. Good luck to all our candidates.

Students learn about the world of finance and insurance

Six of our U6th students learnt about the world of finance and insurance and job opportunities when they attended an ‘insight day’ and were given a tour of the iconic Lloyd’s of London building hosted by the London Market Group on behalf of the London insurance market, in conjunction with the Essex County Council Apprenticeship Hub. They listened to other apprentices and graduates who are currently working in the market on their personal experiences and were given advice on working in the insurance sector.

Along with our students, the event was also attended Brentwood County High, Brentwood Ursuline, Bromfords Billericay, King John and Shenfield.

Essex Apprenticeship Hub commented on “what lovely polite students you have at Anglo. All six of the students were a credit to the school, they were all really engaging and think they made a really positive impression with the staff working in the syndicates at Lloyds.”

Olly Simmans,U6TP said “This day proved to be extremely useful, revealing that there is a lot more involved within insurance and how big a role it plays in everything that we do in our day-to-day lives. If this opportunity was to arise again, I would highly recommend that anyone takes a risk and goes for it as you may never know where it leads you to.” Another student commented “I think we all represented the school well as we asked lots of questions, networked and showed a genuine interest in the industry. I know some of the other students have now considered insurance as a potential career path.”

Essex County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, Cllr Kevin Bentley, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our young people to hear first-hand about apprenticeships and the world of work in the finance and insurance sector. Finance and insurance is one of our key growth sectors with over 25,000 people in Essex employed in the industry and more than 11,000 Essex job vacancies advertised in this sector during 2015-16. There are a range of apprenticeships available in the sector and young people can earn while they learn, gain valuable skills and qualifications. I’d encourage young people to visit to take a look at apprenticeship opportunities.”