Local community joins Anglo at the hustings event

Over 100 staff, students, parents and members of the local community came to the hustings for the General Election 2019 to be held on 12th December.  Candidates from each political party attended, Alex Burghart (Conservative), Oliver Durose (Labour), Paul Jeater (Green), David Kendall (Liberal Democrats) and Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats) and Mr Barrs, Headteacher chaired the event.  Each candidate delivered their manifestos and then the audience were invited to ask questions.    

The event gave the school an opportunity to contribute to the Ingatestone community as well as the wider community of the school.  Encouraging young people to engage in their democracy is an important feature of an Anglo education and the level of questioning certainly put our candidates on the spot.  Questions about our relationship with Europe, formal or otherwise, were taken first.  Mr Barrs made history by using the “B”  word  when referring to the possible  British exit from the European Union!  Questions about education, mental health and the NHS then followed.

Mr Barrs concluded the meeting by expressing a view that politics is important and is conducted by people who want to make a difference.  He went on to say that politics can be divisive but it also needed to be a unifying force .

At least 3 people expressed the view that they had moved from “undecided” to “decided” in terms of how they will vote as a result of attending the hustings.  The straw poll at the end indicated a fairly even split between The Conservative Party, the Green Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.  It may not be quite like that on polling day!

A strong tradition in this country is that parents take their children by the hand to the polling station.  This certainly reinforces the importance of voting.  It is clear, however, that many of our young people think that voting is so important that they might consider taking their parents by the hand on polling day to make sure they vote!

Globex 2019

Our visits programme this year was a great success visiting places such as Japan, France (Avignon, Dinan), Spain (Granada, Jerez, Madrid), Italy (Saronno) and Germany (Wiesbaden). All part of the unique Anglo experience! Those students who remained behind took part in our annual Globex programme.  

Year 8 spent a week covering topics ranging from forensics, designing a peace park and dealing with issues around conflict and peace.  They also looked at some notable Nobel prize winners such as Bob Dylan.  For parents, friends or relatives of students in Year 8, ask them who Neruda was!

Year 9  focused on Japan, taking part in an international quiz and even designed their own country!  Origami, climate change, current affairs, Maths in the Real World, navigation and Soroban also featured.  If you have a child in Year 9 ask them what the session on Danish Hearts was all about!

Another successful Careers Convention

We held another hugely successful Careers Convention for Year 8 to Upper Sixth students (and families). At this year’s event we had over 45 contributors from the world of work, training organisations and representatives from Further and Higher Education including Teledyne e2v, RSM UK Tax and Accounting Ltd, Anglia Ruskin Medical School and EasyJet Airline Company Ltd. This was a great opportunity for our students to talk to professionals in an informal setting to find out about careers and associated pathways. Students were also invited to attend presentations on the different types of apprenticeships on offer including the new higher and degree apprenticeships and to also hear about the post 16 opportunities Chelmsford College offers.

We were particularly delighted to welcome again the instrumentation company Sensor Coating Systems Ltd who not only regularly support us at our Careers events but also kindly donated a selection of optical equipment to the science department including high quality prisms, lenses and curved mirrors which may find their way into lessons for Year 8, Year 10 and Sixth Form physics, and some interesting solar panels, laser scanners, laser and optical fibers that we hope to use in the upper school. In these times of tight school budgets nationally it is a real treat to receive extra bits of equipment that can inspire and engage our students, and open their eyes to the exciting careers in science and technology. #SensorCoatingSystems https://www.facebook.com/Sensor-Coating-Systems-SCS-1837400119608156

We were also pleased to welcome back to the school ex-student Emma Henderson (formerly Emma Priest 1991) who also participated in this event representing Easy Jet where she works as a Captain.

If you would be interested in participating as an exhibitor next year on Thursday 14th November 2019 we would be delighted to hear from you, please contact Mrs E Tribley at enterprise@aesessex.co.uk

British Film Institute visit Anglo

The British Film Institute in partnership with the organisation ‘Into Film’ came into Anglo to film a video in Languages. 7E were taught using two short films in French by Ms Earley and the lesson was recorded in order to make training video for teachers internationally about how to teach different languages through the medium of short film. They also interviewed Ms Earley and Mrs William, Head of Chinese, about best practice when using both short films and feature films to transmit a love of languages. It was very exciting for 7E as six students were also interviewed by the film company. The film will be edited soon and available for us to watch.

Students embark on a 2 day programme of STEM

After having proven their creativity, leadership, effective teamwork and demonstrated their enquiring minds during a STEM ( Science. Technology. Engineering and Maths) day at Anglo, a group of very excited students boarded the minibus to travel to the Essex University campus in Southend. It was here that they embarked on a 2 day programme of STEM ( Science. Technology. Engineering and Maths) activities sponsored, once again, by the smallpeice charitable organisation (https://www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk/).

Out of the 6 schools participating, Anglo represented 30% of the participants and consequently had students in all of the 12 groups. After a welcome address, an ice breaker activity of building a shelter out of paper, and listening to a keynote speech from a medical engineer the students broke off into their groups. Their challenge was to build a working speaker by soldering components onto a circuit board, designing and building a case for a specific market and then pitching their speaker to a panel of judges.

Day 2 was a very special day presented by ambassadors from the Bloodhound SSC group (http://www.bloodhoundssc.com/) The Bloodhound SSC is four wheels, 7.5 tonnes, 135,000 bhp of ultimate jet and rocket powered car that in October of  this year will hopefully break the land speed record in South Africa by reaching a speed of  1000mph. A  video can be found here. https://youtu.be/_JENG0Z8AMk After an interesting an informative talk about the project the students engaged in 2 tasks in their teams. One was reflecting the IT side of the project where they had to write a code for a robot (car) to enable it to perform a series of set tasks. The second challenge was to build a rocket car that would go the furthest distance from jet propulsion. They had expert advice about drag, torque, lift and many other aspects of shape design form one of  the bloodhound engineers. One of our students were in each of the winning teams and received a stunning prize. Their names will be painted onto the tail fin of the Bloodhound and after travelling at 1000mph will remain there for all to see forever.

We cannot thank Smallpeice enough for their generous funding of this event for our students. If anyone is interested in similar residential courses that can be attended on a personal basis without any school contact (fees are charged) then please check out their website above and click on the ‘courses’ tab.  There are over 50 courses covering Years 9-12.

Year 7 take part in Chinese painting workshops

On Friday 16th December, 7C went to the Southbank Centre for the launch of their new festival China Changing. The three year festival will showcase contemporary China and its creative influence and connections with the UK through art and culture. The students really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in Chinese painting workshops, listen to a dramatic recital of a Chinese myth, listen to traditional Chinese instruments, and participate in translation workshops. Seamus Mellon and Carla Turbides Coiscou formed part of the opening panel discussion and talked about their experiences learning Chinese and what it means to them, whilst Yan Morris and Tea Kaci gave short presentations in Mandarin Chinese.

Neon Disco for Year 7s

The U6 students organised the Year 7 disco as part of the Event Management Unit of their Applied Travel and Tourism A Level.  They chose a UV theme and encouraged Year 7s to raise extra money by having their faces painted and having photos with their friends in a homemade photo booth!  The DJ provided music and lights which created an authentic atmosphere in the Sports Hall and the school canteen provided refreshments to be served in the gallery of the sports hall.  The event ran from 6-8pm on the 24th November.

U6 quotes: ‘We feel proud to have raised potentially £600 for Sarcoma UK’ ‘We had a great time organising the disco, we gained key skills and grew as a team’ ‘Everything ran smoothly and the students really enjoyed themselves’

Year 7 Quotes: ‘I enjoyed dancing with friends and also the Instagram photo booth was really good’;
‘I liked it when there were really good songs on and everybody was dancing’

Senior Citizens Christmas Party 2016

Our U6 CAS students have spent this term organising our annual OAP Christmas party. The event was attended by over 50 local residents who enjoyed a buffet lunch and entertainment from drama students and the school choir. After a game of bingo, our guests each received a Christmas gift which were generously donated by local shops and our parents and students. Included in our guest list was a former Domestic Science teacher, a man who dug the first turf for the swimming pool and two members of the first intake into the school when it was Ingatestone Secondary Modern school.

The World of Work

Inevitably, the World of Work is an unknown place for many students when in their teens. Here at the Anglo European School we provide numerous opportunities for our students to develop their enterprise and workplace skills with the aim of better equipping them to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global workplace. From Enterprise days organised and delivered by our lower sixth IBC cohort with some “experts” on hand where students consider the ethical, social and moral responsibilities of opening a business, to work experience placements locally, nationally and internationally spanning the globe from Japan to Brazil alongside international work experience exchanges, our young people are repeatedly gaining an insight into the skills and attitudes required in the workplace.

A World of Work day is held comprising employability skills workshops and a formal interview with external professionals and to our students delight they get networking at our Career Speed Dating event with the opportunity of a second date with professionals in specific spheres of work.  The positive benefits of these opportunities are clearly visible:- a greater focus on learning to achieve their aims, increased maturity to make informed career choices and the soft skills so crucial to success in the workplace but moreover preparing them not only for employment but for life developing into rounded and confident individuals.

The Winter Fair was a tremendous success

The School Association Winter Fair was a tremendous success.  All the students had lots of fun playing games such as tombola, table football, hoopla, splat the rat and Sjoelen. There were lots of different side stalls selling Christmas decorations, pottery etc. A festive photo booth was available to capture the moment.  Everyone tucked into the delicious Indian snacks, cakes and refreshments with gusto.  Sixth form students ran stalls to raise money for their visits to Nicaragua for World Challenge and Lesotho, Africa.

The students also had the opportunity to find out all about bees and bee keeping as Paul Wisbey, a local beekeeper, attended with a mock–up hive and other beekeeping equipment. Lots of questions were answered, with the students showed a keen interest in the subject.  Approximately £1,200 was raised from this event and we are fortunate that the company of one of our parents has kindly agreed to match fund doubling the amount.