Mandarin Speaking Competition

On Friday 2nd December, 8 students in the Lower Sixth and Year 10 participated in the London Regional Heat of the HSBC/British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition. This is a very prestigious annual competition and an excellent way to develop students’ speaking skills and motivation for learning the language. Emmie Bowlt (10T) and Sana Hassanali (L6LK) took part in the Individual Language Ability competition, while Agatha Cowland (10P), Anna Ionescu (10S), Elena Noguchi (10S), Anisha Vidal-Garner (L6AK), Alice Tunningley (L6MG) and Anjali Patel (L6TP) performed a song and drama in Mandarin for the group entry. The students all performed brilliantly and other schools commented on how impressive their language ability was. We will find out later this month whether we have reached the final, but students really enjoyed the competition and did Anglo proud!

Year 7s visit Cambridge University

Year 7s took part in a competition in relation to the Ovid Project.  The finalists, Mofi Aladejebi, Carys Balch, Sam Bland, Pria Bradstreet and Beth Robinson were selected to take part in this special day.  The Project was essentially to promote the importance of speaking and listening skills in English. They spent time listening to Ovid’s stories and interpreting them in different ways (art, drama, creative writing). It was also part of an outreach programme set up by the Classics Department at Newnham College to encourage students from state schools to consider classics at Cambridge at degree level.

Bob Lister (at Dept of Classics, University of Cambridge, Newnham College) said: “It is so wonderful to have so many students here and involved in this project. Hopefully it will encourage them to think about studying classics here at Cambridge.”

Mrs Bradstreet, English teacher: “The students worked brilliantly on this project, which focused on the stories of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. We were very proud to have all our entrants Highly Commended by the judges, who were impressed by the originality of the submissions.” Pria Bradstreet said: “I love Cambridge! I might come here.”

STEM Ambassador Visit

We were delighted to welcome Professor Marion Wooldridge to the school, who is a STEM ambassador with particular interest in aviation.  Her visit was of significance to the school because she is the cousin of the late Dame Margaret Anstee, who was so closely associated with the school.  She said “I am very impressed with the school.  Mr Barrs made me feel very welcome and the tour guides were charming”.

Ex-Headteacher visits the school

The school was delighted to welcome back Norman Pitt, the founding Headteacher of the Anglo who served from 1973-1990.  Mr Pitt was delighted with what he saw saying that the buildings were so much better than in those early days!  He was also full of praise for his two guides, Levente Farkas and James Drury.

Co-headteacher, David Barrs said:  “ We are a very unique school and it was Norman Pitt who laid the foundations of what we have today.  The students and staff he met were genuinely interested in what he had to say.  I am sure this story will rekindle many happy memories amongst our alumni!”

Students take part in the Royal Society of Asian Affairs, ‘Asia Day’

A large group of Lower Sixth students took part in the Royal Society of Asian Affairs, ‘Asia Day’ presentation at SOAS today where they were absorbed by lectures ranging from motorbiking in Iran by a lone female travel writer, the economic challenges facing Mongolia to misconceptions surrounding the rise of Sharia Law in Indonesia.  We are the only Sixth Form chosen to attend this event in the area due to the outward looking and globally aware nature of our student population. The students engaged fully in all the lectures, asked some thought provoking questions and left with a far greater understanding of the political, economic and cultural diversity of Asia along with the challenges the region faces in the Twenty First Century.  Hopefully those who attended will consider either travelling to, or studying in, Asia, or to include some form of international related studies in their choice of degree.

Shakespeare Schools Festival, ‘We use the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives’

We were thrilled to announce earlier in the term, year 10 Drama student’s performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. ‘The Anglo European School’ have been fortunate to work alongside Shakespearean theatre practitioners in an active and ambitious way. Six weeks of preparation culminated in an exhilarating performance at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford; our students playing Shakespeare in a professional theatre.

As part of the preparation for this festival all Year 10 Drama students were invited to spend time at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford. They worked with Shakespearean practitioners to inform their approach to specific scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Each student threw themselves into all the physical and vocal workshops, often stepping out of their comfort zones!

November 1st was an experience to behold, all year 10 drama students embraced the professional environment of a tech and dress rehearsal. The event ended with a heartening, magical and memorable performance to friends and family. Ultimately, ‘Shakespeare School Festival’, was hugely beneficial for all involved. Mr Rafiq said “We have been able to bring aspects into the classroom to further support the development of GCSE Drama and English. Congratulations year 10, we are so proud of you – you are a credit to the school.”  Mrs Gee said “This was a fabulous showcase for our Year 10 thespians which we all thoroughly enjoyed. It was a great privilege for our students to work alongside theatre professionals to enhance their own increasingly confident performance skills. We were so proud of them all, creating such an amazing performance in just 7 weeks.”

Pupils put Scientists through their paces in online competition

Students have been interacting with scientists from across the UK in an online public engagement event aimed at getting students excited about science.

“I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here” sees students putting scientists through their paces through online live chats in which they can ask the experts about anything, from climate change to coding.

The aim of the event is to get students excited about science. Students see that scientists are normal people, learn that science lessons relate to real life, and become more enthused about science.

The event runs from 7th-18th November 2016.

“I’m a Scientist” is funded principally by the Wellcome Trust, an independent global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health. Additional funders in November 2016 include:

•       The Royal Society of Chemistry

•       The Physiological Society

Dr Fiona Wall, Science teacher at Anglo said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to interact with and be inspired by scientists. The students asked all sorts of questions about science and being a scientist, and the scientists answered with enthusiasm and immense patience!”

Connie Brown, Year 8 said: “I really enjoyed the chat. The good thing about it is that I learnt lots about bees and AIs. I’d give it a 9/10 because they tried really hard to answer all of our questions and we learnt a lot too.”

Emily Taylor, Year 8 “I really liked finding out about why they liked science”.

Joe Topham, Year 8 said “I think it was quite enjoyable to hear about what it’s like to be a scientist, so I’m going to rate it 4/5 stars