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Charity record for the annual G Nation fundraiser

On Friday 28th April, Charities Week concluded with our annual Year 8 led G Nation fundraiser. Year 8 were charged with the responsibility of coming up with enterprising ideas to raise money for the school charities. This year, our charities included Amnesty International, Marie Curie, Lesotho, Aloysian Boys Home, Oxfam and Centre Point. Ideas for raising money included selling hundreds of samosas, sponging the teacher, sports games, craft keepsakes and many food and drink stalls. The G Nation event runs in conjunction with Charities Week and forms part of the Year 8 Citizenship unit on charity and giving.

This year, the total raised was a whopping, record setting £1275.70. The total last year was also record setting at £871.19.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) who helped to organise the event commented, “This is a fantastic amount of money to raise for so many good causes. There were some fantastic, enterprising ideas. I would personally like to thank the pupils, staff and the many parents (who no doubt were supporting the preparation) as well as the hundreds of pupils and many staff who spent money or allowed themselves to help make money for this event”.