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Congratulations to our winners of the Annual History Essay Competition

In partnership with the Ingatestone and Fryerning Historical and Archaeological Society we held our annual History essay competition presentation at the Parish Hall Ingatestone. The winner was Amber Kirwan (U6) with her essay, “How Were Visual Art And Literature Used To Control The People In Stalinist Russia (1928-1953)?” and the two runners-up were Gareth Ball (L6) with his essay “Economic factors were the key reason for the breakdown in relations between the allies between 1943-1949.’ How far do you agree with this statement?” and Kier May (U6) with this essay “To what extent were Elizabeth’s later years an unmitigated disaster?”. Each student gave a presentation about their essay and the context within which the work was written; they then fielded questions from the audience. The night was a huge success with a range of interesting and thought-provoking discussions taking place. The members of the society were very supportive and remarked on how academic and articulate the students were about their essays. We continue to be very grateful for this link with the community over our shared interest in the past. We look forward with excitement to the competition next year. This will be a hard act to follow!