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Coronavirus Update and Partial Closure Procedures

You will be aware that the government has now moved from the containment phase to the delay phase and has released new advice around self-isolation and vulnerable groups of people. The impact on our school means that there has been a significant increase in staff who are affected by the self-isolation policy.

In all decisions, the key priorities are the safety, welfare and wellbeing of our students and staff. Therefore, with a significant number of staff absent, it may become impossible to continue to run our schools as normal. We are doing everything we can to keep our school open for as many students as possible. Our staff have been amazing and we are very grateful for the on-going support of parents and governors in the positive reaction to some difficult decisions we have had to make.

A letter from the Director of Education, written for Essex parents, is attached, for your attention.

Should we be unable to provide a safe environment and specialist led education for your children at school we will undertake the following actions:

Operational from 16th March 2020

STAGE 1:  – We are now operating a system of combining teaching groups where safe and appropriate. This may mean one or more groups are set work and supervised by teaching members of staff. Student in these groups will be set subject specialist work by the departments but may not have a specialist teacher present.

Not Yet operational:

STAGE 2Our Lower Sixth students will move to self-study, consolidation and revision supported by Showmyhomework and on-line resources. This can be done at home or in the Sixth Form Study area. Please confirm if your child is staying at home to self-study via [email protected] Lower Sixth staff will then be redeployed to supervise other classes.

STAGE 3:  Year 7 and 8 will be asked to remain at home.

During this phase, we would ask parents to let us know if they consider themselves key workers, are unable to supervise students safely or are Pupil Premium eligible students who need to stay for a hot lunch and therefore require on-going supervision. If enough parents support us in keeping enough students at home from these Year Groups, we may be able to continue to support these vulnerable groups if we have sufficient staff available.

STAGE 4: Year 7-10 and Lower Sixth remain at home with home study provided on Showmyhomework and on-line resources for these Year Groups. Year 11 and Upper Sixth students remain in school taught by specialists where possible.

STAGE 5Year 11 only remain in school. Upper Sixth are given self-study and revision via Showmyhomework and on-line resources.

STAGE 6Total School Closure Total school closure will only take place if we are directed to, or we do not have any capacity to continue any form of education safely for your children. We will review the position on a daily basis and communicate with parents/carers to inform you or the situation. We will endeavour to give parents/carers as much notice as possible, if we ask one or more year groups to remain at home. Students are to remain at home and will have work set for them through Show my Homework and using on-line resources.  Please see further guidance attached.


You will appreciate that with a skeleton staff at the school, it is not possible to send you individual work for students who are self-isolating. The school is open and we cannot ask our teachers to plan, prepare and mark individual work as well as providing lessons for those students in school. However, your daughter/son can access on-line learning resources during self-isolation or partial closure periods. These are attached and are also on our website. At the point of full closure, all staff, who are well enough to do so, will set work for their classes on Showmyhomework.

Thank you for your on-going support. We wish you and your families well in these difficult circumstances. 


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