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COVID-19 Update 15

Despite the enormous challenges facing us all and the sacrifices so many are having to make, we hope this update finds you safe and well.

It is important that we reiterate our message from Tuesday’s update about communication with the school. This should be by email to [email protected]. The reason is so that we can redirect your query to the relevant member of staff who will be working from home. This is all the more important in that we may not be able to guarantee having staff in the school office. Today, we had no attendees at our on-site school and all allocated staff were sent home. Emails should not be sent directly to individual teachers.

Other points;

  1. ShowMyHomework. As explained previously all work is being set via this portal. We have also explained that our staff and, indeed, our students and their parents are coming to terms with this new way of working. Please bear with us. We have received one complaint that too much work is being set. If a parent feels that this is the case they should exercise some judgement about what work is and isn’t done on a particular day. If any clarification is needed please email the teacher concerned using [email protected] and they will advise. Please do so in a courteous manner bearing in mind that our staff are also working under unusual pressure. We are aware that a number of students have not yet accessed SMH. Please ensure this is rectified and if you have any technical problems please email the school.
  2. Lessons by video. Parents and students will appreciate that this is a very new area for us . We also believe that it raises a number of safeguarding issues. For the time being please don’t expect such provision whilst we look in to the best way, if any, of doing so.
  3. Refunds for locker keys will be dealt with when the school re-opens.
  4. Refunds for exam entry fees are currently being made.
  5. Free School Meals. In the absence of a national scheme we are currently trying to contact families concerned to arrange for a transfer of monies to ensure you have access to funds for your child. If you have not been contacted , please email the school.
  6. Provision for children of Key Workers and vulnerable children. No children attended today and all allocated staff were sent home. It is vital that parents notify us by 5pm the previous day if they wish their child to attend and by 9am on the day if they cannot or will not be attending. No formal teaching will take place but such children will be supervised by a small team of appropriate staff.
  7. Leavers’ Form for Yr. 11 and Upper Sixth. This will be sent to you in due course, and should be completed and returned with text books etc when the school re-opens. In the meantime make good use of any text books you have at home.
  8. Student emails. It is good practice in the workplace to check emails regularly. Students should check their school emails at least once daily

Some really good news. Our wonderful School Association, with your support, has raised £10,000 this year. When the school reconvenes we would urge you to support the Association.