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COVID-19 Update 17

We hope this email update finds you looking forward to a well-deserved Easter break. Look out for our end of term newsletter which we hope will give a sense of normality at last.

We are immensely grateful for the responsibilities you have taken on in recent weeks and the sacrifices you have made in order to support the education of your children. Do remember to look at the well-being guidance on our website. We recently issued our sixth formers with similar guidance (Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay Home) thanks to the work of Ms Foster and the Nuffield Foundation. We think the Nuffield document is relevant to a wider audience so here is the link.

We were reminded that it is April Fool’s Day when we heard that one family had told their children that they had a video conference with their Headteachers and made them put their school uniform on when they got up!

As Easter comes upon us, we think it is time to have some fun. We have attached a poster with some fun ideas. If you send us your contributions to [email protected], we will post these on our website, Twitter and Facebook for the Anglo Family to share. Be creative and make us smile!

Other points;

  1. ShowMyHomework. Although over 1000 students have accessed SMH there are a few who haven’t. If students cannot remember how to login to their SMH account they should go to and click on to the section for student log in. They all have an email account associated with SMH and this should be their school email unless they chose a different email account when it was first set up. If they can remember their email account but have forgotten their password, then they can click on the option to reset their password and a link will be sent to their email address. If they still need support then they should [email protected] for the attention of Mrs Gould, who will help them access SMH.
  2. Help with organising a day of learning from home. Attached is a model timetable created by Satchel who run ShowMyHomework. It may help students organise their day and with time management. We appreciate it’s difficult for parents to gauge how much work is right for their child and it’s even more difficult for teachers to do this remotely. Our advice is to work on the subject on the timetable for the hour and then stop. We don’t want students becoming anxious if it’s too much. Some staff have uploaded a bit more than needed this week, in case you need something to keep students occupied over the Easter break, when no work will be set. Students may want to return to some work and complete them in a more relaxed fashion during this time.
  3. Easter Course. In order to continue to support vulnerable children or the children of key workers we will be running a course of study over Easter. It will run from Monday 6th to Thursday 9thApril and from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th April. Each day will run from 8.55am until 3.30pm.The overriding priority is for children to remain at home but this course will run only if there is sufficient interest. We have extended the deadline until 5pm tomorrow, Thursday 2 April. If you would like a place, please [email protected].
  4. Personal Protective Equipment. Thanks to our Senior Science Technician, Ms. Cervera, we were able to deliver 97 goggles, 200 white aprons, 100 white polythene aprons, 1 box of 100 vinyl gloves and 8 pairs of yellow rubber gloves. We were pleased to do this and to support our colleagues in the NHS.
  5. Houseparty. Further to our update on staying safe online, there are renewed concerns about the Houseparty app. Please be aware that Houseparty asks users to link to all contacts in your phone. When you are in the app, anyone can see that you are online and join you in a live chat. They can do this without your approval or permission. There is even a ‘sneak’ facility so people can sneak into your chats without you knowing you are there. We know that young people have a tendency, despite our best advice, to add people they do not know on Snapchat. If they do this on Houseparty it is like inviting a complete stranger into your home; there is little control over who can join your chat. There is a padlock facility to lock people out of the chat but this also means that someone with a bad intention can lock a chat and stop a parent joining to see what is going on. Our advice is that students use Houseparty with extreme caution and parental supervision. The guideline age for using social media such as this is 13, but 16 for WhatsApp. For further advice on staying safe online visit:
  6. Webinar – Managing wellbeing for you and your children. There is a free webinar that will take place on 1st April 7.30-8.30pm (TODAY!!) for parents and staff; Managing you and your child’s wellbeing. Professor Amanda Kiby will focus on being realistic and human (not super-human!). This session will: Help you better understand what anxiety is, provide practical tools to help you and your children manage and minimise anxiety in these uncertain times and improve happiness and wellbeing, to take part you will need to sign up, which you can do on the following link: