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COVID-19 update

Following all national advice and guidance, the school remains open and will continue to do so to the best of its ability until instructed to close by Public Health England or the government.

We continue to limit the risk of infection and are encouraging students to follow the advice and guidance about cleanliness. This includes washing hands regularly on entry to school and throughout the day, no handshakes and unnecessary physical contact.

It is essential that you do not send students into school with possible symptoms. The Public health guidance states that:-

“If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (high temperature or a new continuous cough), however mild, do not leave your home for 7 days from when your symptoms started.”

If your child attends school with any of these symptoms, they will be sent to the Medical Support Officer for a consultation. If symptoms reflect the description above, they will be isolated in school, supervised by a member of the Leadership Team in The Sanctuary and you will be told to collect them from the car park. Please ensure you have a contingency plan in place to collect students immediately should they start to present symptoms. A quick response to this phone call is appreciated. They should then be kept at home for 7 days.

We are monitoring levels of student and staff absence. We may get to a situation whereby the school’s capacity to function safely is compromised by the number of staff self-isolating; in which case we will issue you with contingency measures. We may, for example, have to limit the number of year groups in school, protecting examination classes for as long as we can. We will aim to give you as much warning as possible if this is necessary. Work will be set on Showmyhomework in the event of closure. We have asked staff not to set work which requires extensive time on a computer or printing.

For students self-isolating as a result of showing symptoms, staff are not able to set individual work packages whilst they are teaching full timetables in school. However, we have asked staff, where possible, to attach lesson resources to Showmyhomework alongside resources for homework this week. There is other general guidance about studying from home on our website.  Please encourage students to check that they have up to date passwords to access such materials.

We have decided to suspend all activities apart from teaching. For the present time, all external visits and parental meetings will either be cancelled or replaced with a phone call. Consequently, there will be no parents’ evenings, after school clubs and activities. Staff will not be available from 3.30pm.

Please ensure that you have access to the e-mails the school issues regularly and/or the school website where these updates will also be posted.

Thank you all for your understanding and support at this difficult time. It is very much appreciated.