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Covid-19 Update

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Thank you for those who have responded with regard to our arrangements for the children of Key Workers.  What follows is updated advice which we received at 12:00pm last night.  Government is reacting to a crisis and so too must we. Please read this and complete the attached form, even if you have already replied.  The definition of key workers now includes Health and Social Care, education and childcare, key public services such as broadcasting and justice, local and national government, food (production, retail, delivery etc), public safety and national security, transport, utilities and financial services.

Please note that the over-riding government advice is to minimise movement and social inter-action and that Key Worker children should remain at home or other arrangements be made if at all possible.  We have emphasised to our students that they also have a responsibility to support you.  We accept they may not want to come to school!  This is a national response to a virus that threatens us all, particularly the most vulnerable.

The Anglo European School recognises its role in helping combat the spread of COVID 19 and we accept the challenge that government has presented us with.  The school will operate for Key Worker children from 08:55am until 15:30pm weekdays until further notice.  Separate arrangements will apply over the Easter Holidays (Monday 6th to Friday 24th April inclusive).  Further information to follow.

This school will be located in A block, making use of the library as a base, closely located next to toilet facilities, dining hall, Medical Room and two playgrounds.  The main office will serve as reception and students should access the school via the pedestrian gate adjacent to the vehicle access gate.  They should press the green button and come through to reception.  All other gates will be locked.

All normal school policies will apply in terms of e-safety, safeguarding and behaviour.  It is important that we emphasise that particular attention will be paid to our attendance policy.  Any student not attending on time will receive a truancy call.  If any child is not in school and we cannot get in touch with an emergency contact, we will immediately report that child as missing to the police (which will put an additional and unnecessary burden on them).  It is therefore, essential that you notify the school if you do not want them to attend if you have previously registered them.  Please remember that if any child shows Covid-19 symptoms, or has a family member showing symptoms they must self-isolate for the recommended period (currently 14 days).  If they show symptoms during the day, they will be isolated and we will call you to make arrangements for them to be collected.  We should not allow them to travel on public transport.  Please ensure you have a contingency plan in place for this eventuality.

It is also our duty to minimise the movements of staff and therefore we will keep our deployment of staff to a minimum.  All staff will contribute to this provision if they are able to.  We need to make clear that we will provide this service for as long as we have sufficient staff to do so.  Our aim for each day is to have senior staff, a teacher presence, along with IT, First Aid, Catering, Midday Supervision and Designated Safeguarding Lead on call.

Please read and discuss this with your child or children and please complete the attached form and either return it with your child or electronically.  It is, however, of the utmost importance that you inform us immediately if you have a child or children who will attend.  We accept that this could be at any time but please do not send your child to school without informing us in advance and the attached form.  If your circumstances do change, you must advise us the day before your child needs to come to school.

In the meantime we wish you and your families well.