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COVID 19 Update No 16

We now move in to what would have been our final week of the Spring term before the Easter holiday. 

It is important to announce that our on-site school for vulnerable children and the children of key workers is now closed pending further demand.  For three days in succession we have had no attendees.  We are grateful for the support of parents and carers in minimising demand and appreciate the sacrifices many of you will have made to achieve this.  Not only does it minimise movement and risk to your children but it also helps us minimise risk to our staff.  Thank you. 

We appreciate that there may be demand in the future.  It is therefore vital that we are notified by email by 5pm the day before so we can make arrangements for the following day. 

Other points; 

  1. If any parent has a concern about their child which they feel the school should be aware of, please email [email protected] and the relevant member of staff will be in touch with you.  We are in regular contact with the families who we consider to be vulnerable. 
  2. It is of the utmost importance that students check their school emails on a daily basis.  This is good workplace practice and is vital in these unusual times when the normal lines of communication are not available to us. 
  3. We are currently identifying with our Science and Catering Departments and Medical Support Officer what we can spare in terms of aprons, goggles and gloves to help support our colleagues in the NHS. 
  4. No work will be set over the Easter holidays.
  5. We are aware that extended periods of time at home presents challenges for parents and carers, as well as children, in terms of managing safety online.  Children may be more inclined than normal to connect remotely with the outside world. This may present risks and challenges so we are drawing your attention to a few good resources to help you manage their safety. 

A big thank you for all the positive feedback received on the work our amazing staff are doing to keep our brains active and challenged. We appreciate you taking the time to feedback comments and good ideas particularly when families are also under pressure. Keep safe and well.  We attach a sample and will share others in the coming days.  Thank you