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COVID Update No 14

As we move in to Day 2 of ‘the Anglo at home’ we also move in to a very different phase of the national response. We hope this update finds you safe and well.

This update will not be a daily communication but at the moment there are things that we need to share with you.

Most importantly, communication with the school. As we have stated previously we expect all communication to be by email to [email protected]. This means we can re-direct any query you may have to the most appropriate person who will be working from home. We will not respond to comments on Facebook or Twitter or the direct messaging functions associated with each of them. We would be grateful if parents would not communicate in this way. They are public forums and not appropriate for communication with school.

Where we think you have raised matters of general interest or concern we will respond in these regular AES COVID 19 updates.

We do appreciate that some parents do not have access to emails and therefore the telephone is the next best means of communication – 01277 354018. If anyone reading this knows of someone in this position please print this email off and get it to them but only if it is safe to do so. The updates are also available on our website. Do not write to the school unless absolutely necessary.

Some other points:

1. ShowMyHomework. We are aware that the mass use of this portal is causing some technical issues which we are dealing with. For instance, some colleagues inadvertently set homework which was due the day it was set. Please appreciate that all parties are working in a very different way at the moment and there will be teething problems. If you have specific queries that are urgent please email [email protected] and it will be forwarded on to the relevant colleague.

2. On-site facility –  despite the Prime Minister’s instruction last night, this is still available for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Although the numbers we are supervising are in single figures as families make sacrifices to heed the government advice, we will continue to make thus service available alongside our ‘virtual programme’ for children at home.

3.  Sixth Form – sixth formers will be receiving an email shortly advising them to continue with coursework wherever possible as this is likely to be factored in when deciding on final calculated grades.

4.  The BBC are working with government to produce new educational content on their pages (Bitesize, i-player, CBBC, News etc) and have committed to updating this on a daily basis.

In general, do try and maintain a routine at home if at all possible and balance studying with ensuring good emotional and mental health.

Jules White, a widely respected headteacher at Tanbridge House school, Horsham said this;

“Great learning only happens when children feel happy, safe and secure. Provide your children with reassurance and love.”