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Drugs Awareness Day

On Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October 2016, Year 8 took part in the school’s established Drugs Education Awareness Day.  Pupils’ timetables were suspended for the morning as they took part in three workshops focussing on the risks on drug use.  The workshops focussed on the biological, social and legal aspects of drug use including substances that are illegal, regulated and legal.  The awareness drive was concluded by a visit from Paul Hannaford on Thursday afternoon, who told his harrowing story of his journey into drug use, from smoking, alcohol and then to Class A substances.  He focussed on the damage it caused to his health, physique, family, finances and career options and how he has been clean for nearly 10 years.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) who organised the day said, “these days are important in ensuring pupils are informed and understand the risks associated with drug use and the potential consequences to their health, education, family and friends.  I appreciate that the information pupils were greeted with was hard-hitting at times but I am certain that pupils feel better educated so that they can make appropriate decisions about their health and prospects in the future.  As pupils venture through the secondary school ages, the more chance there is that they will come into contact with and be influenced into experimenting with drugs and alcohol.  It is therefore vital that we ensure pupils are informed.  Paul Hannaford’s personal account just brings home how real and devastating the spiral into uncontrollable drug abuse can be”.

Charles Carson-Whiley, Year 8 said that Paul Hannaford’s session “was really inspiring. Paul knows all about it, he can tell you what happened because he has done it”.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the sessions to discover what they have learnt and we would urge anyone who is concerned about drug use to look at these website for more information or