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Ex-student Adem Aydin visits the Anglo

We were visited by ex-Anglo student Adem Aydin who is currently a Photojournalism and Documentary Photography student.  He is working on a project looking at the process of becoming an Anglo European student, telling the story through images and texts.  He has photographed parents, teachers, students and ex-students to capture the unique educational experience that we offer.  He also photographed David Barrs, Headteacher.  Adem studied at the school between 2008 and 2015 and said:  “I felt a real sense of the Anglo Family that we all hear about so much.  One of the most important aspects of the story is the students who are currently being educated with the school’s values.  Aesthetically, the story is conducted with environmental portraits, which aim to show individuals at different stages of the journey in the places they find themselves currently. So for instance, an image of students in a class learning a language, represents what the school has to offer”.  Adem went on to say “The story is academic at this point, but the nature of my course and work aims to give coverage to stories that we feel need to be told, and this is exactly the case for the Anglo European’s story. It is a story that I would love to share.”

We are looking forward to seeing the final project.