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GCSE Geography students do fieldwork

As part of the fieldwork requirements for the GCSE Geography course, 30 Year 10 students visited Little Hyde Land Woods to determine whether this woodland offsets the carbon footprint of the school. By measuring the circumference and height of some of the trees, along with estimating tree density, we were able to calculate that the woodland stores over 26 million kilograms of carbon and as a result, it does offset the carbon footprint of the school.  However, he school continues to think about how it can reduce its footprint.

There were a number of opportunities to think critically about the methods chosen which may have affected the accuracy of the results and validity of the conclusions. It is this thought process that will be vital for the students in  their fieldwork examination next summer. The Geography Department are now looking forward to taking the other Year 10 geographers to Juniper Hall in October. We are hopeful that the weather will be as nice then as it was for this woodland investigation!