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Head Boy and Head Girl election process is well underway

The Head Boy and Head Girl election process is well underway.  Caleb Boateng, Ryan Green, Duncan Lee and Hamza Qadri are running for Head Boy and Eleanor Allen, Amelia Coles and Ashley Fearn are running for Head Girl. 

Quote from student candidate: “The process was started off by having the lower sixth nominate potential candidates. If a student got five nominations, they were officially in the running. Then we had to come up with our policies, making sure they were feasible. We had meetings with the sixth form staff about why we want the position, and to check if our policies were alright. With just over a week to put together a manifesto, a poster and a campaign video, it was the first test to see if we could juggle the demands of the job with the demands of our education. The head teachers asked to meet with us, in order to get to know us properly and find out why we were running. Our posters went out on the 27th of January, and now it’s campaign week. Some have t-shirts, some have keychains, some just have their charisma to attract voters. The voting itself will be in tutor period on the 4th of February, and the results will come out the following Monday. Then, an entire year with your new representatives changing the school.”

Good luck to all our candidates.