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Heart Start showed us how to save a person’s life

On the day of Heart Start we learnt how to save a person’s life by doing CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation.)  Year 7 found this very useful, they taught us how to save people’s lives like if they faint and unable to breath here are some steps to how to get them breathing:-

– Danger- why we need to check for Danger? That is because you might injure yourself or that person.

– Response-why we need to check for response? The reason being is so that the person you are curing is breathing or not.

– Shout- you will need to shout “ARE YOU OKAY! ARE YOU OKAY!” SO THEY CAN HEAR YOU WELL.

– Airways- you need to check it because they might have something blocking it such as vomit or your tongue.

– Breathing- you have to check it because then you are sure that they are awake or not.

– Call an ambulance on 911 or 112.

– CPR- this is what you should do after you called an ambulance.

– First you need to do 30 compressions.

– Two life rescuing breaths.

– Then you re repeat it again for the 30 compressions and two breaths.

We practised this in small groups so that in the future then we won’t make any mistakes, to help this we all practised on a fake mascot.  After all of that we were assessed on our ability to carry out the procedure.


If you spot someone holding their neck that might mean they are choking.  If they can’t talk then ask them to nodd so that they answer you.  Ask them to take your left hand and put it on their chest. After that you give 5 sharp blows in between their sholder blades with the heel of your hand so what ever is stuck can flow out.  If that doesn’t work then give them 5 abdominal thrusts, if that doesn’t happen then continue doing it until it gets out.

I learnt that in any sutiation we are in like if we are shopping and we see someone on the floor we should act quickly as possible to help them.  But during that time we can ask for help and call an ambulance, if they are not breathing then we start CPR until an ambulance arrives.

Reported by Khairyyah Bibi Sheik Hassen, 7 Monnet