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Indigenous Tribesman from Brazil visits the Anglo

The Anglo European School hosted a very special guest on Tuesday.

Nixiwaka, an indigenous tribesman from the Amazonian region of Brazil visited the school to speak with year 9 pupils who are currently studying rainforests in geography. Nixiwaka is in the U.K as part of his work with Survival International, a charity which works to protect tribal people around the world. Nixiwaka presented insights into the Yawanawá tribe’s way of life and their intimate relationship with the Amazon rainforest. He also talked about some of Brazil’s most threatened tribes and how Survival International is helping to prevent their annihilation.   For the pupils it was an opportunity to hear first-hand about the experiences of someone who lives in that region and they also took part in workshops considering differing viewpoints on the future of the rainforest.

Sophie Ashitaka said “I have learnt a lot about what the rainforest is supporting, not only animals but over 240 tribes.”

Gordon Massey said “I liked meeting him because he gave another view from a different culture. He was very open to our questions and told us about his culture and how the problems affect them.”

Carla Knight commented “it was a really good experience to see someone from a tribe in person and not through a screen. We were able to acknowledge what it is like for him, having his home demolished. I think it gave us a new opinion on what is happening in the Amazon, coming from him.”

Year 9 pupils will now use what they have learnt in their forthcoming assessment on whether the Brazilian government has the right to exploit the rainforest as a resource for economic development.