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International Day 2019

Today is International Day at the Anglo European . Many students have worn the traditional dress of their family’s country of origin or a country to which they have particular ties. We are a school that teaches students to respect and indeed celebrate difference. Traditionally, the remit of the Sixth Form only, International Day this year has joined forces with non-uniform day and has adopted this international theme across the school. Led by the Sixth Form Executive, this idea was a legacy project of the Head Boy/Head Girl team this year. They deliberately chose to hold it on 29th March, the original date for our departure from the EU. It was a symbolic moment to celebrate our place in the world, the contribution we make to making it a better place, to recognise our “common humanity” and to help heal some of the wounds that have opened up in our society in recent months.

Whatever happens with the EU, our purpose as a school takes on added meaning and purpose. The key phrase in our mission statement is to develop young people who understand that other people, with their differences, might be right and that is perhaps the best advice we can give our political leaders at this point in our history.