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Jodie Halford from BBC Essex Radio visits the school

Jodie Halford from BBC Essex Radio visited the school to talk to Mrs Gee and some students about the importance that the school has had in terms of Ingatestone’s history.  Jodie was, herself, a student here in 2004 and whilst here took the opportunity to have a tour of the school.

Jodie wrote an account about her visit:

“Driving through the school gates, I realised how often the school had crossed my mind since I left in 2006. I’d never been back, and had started to forget what the corridors and classrooms looked like. I thought it was a time of my life long left behind. But as soon as I got out of my car, my mind snapped back to 2006, and I recalled the look, the feel, the smells of the place like it was yesterday. I could have been 16 again.

I’d come back to interview Mrs Gee as part of my new radio show on BBC Essex. The programme, broadcast between 7 and 10pm, Monday to Thursday, is called Your Essex. It’s set in a different town or village around the county every night, and at the end of October we’re doing an episode on Ingatestone. We look at the place itself, the people who live there, the history; everything that makes it tick.

I’ve always known how significant the school is within Ingatestone, and indeed within Essex. When I was a sixth former, people travelled from far and wide to attend – Burnham-on-Crouch, Epping, the London boroughs. When we started researching the Ingatestone episode, I suggested doing part of the show about Anglo and its relevance and connections to the village. Fortunately, Mrs Gee and her team welcomed me back with open arms.

A lot has changed since I left, but the school’s ethos and reputation remains the same. It continues to be incredibly popular and well-respected – one of the reasons I wanted to study there in the first place, in addition to my passion for learning languages. Walking around the school, I recalled how it had shaped me as a person, even if I hadn’t realised it at the time.

The interview with Mrs Gee, and the lovely sixth form students who were kind enough to speak to me, will air as part of our show about Ingatestone on BBC Essex, 103.5FM, from 7pm on Wednesday 31st October. And as I listen to it, I’ll think of those corridors and classrooms again, now fresh in my mind once more. And I’ll remember how my time at Anglo will forever be a part of me – and how it taught me that I can work hard and achieve the things I want to, from completing the IB to becoming a BBC radio presenter.”