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Language of the Month – Arabic

This month saw the start of our Language of the Month programme. Throughout September we have been exploring the newest addition to our languages curriculum, Arabic. This is now the fourth year we have been teaching Arabic and the numbers of attendees to our Arabic clubs are very pleasing. We are continuously building our provision and now have both Mrs Asad and Mrs Eliot teaching Arabic and in 2023 will launch our IB ab initio Arabic class. Students have been exploring Arabic across the curriculum, learning about Arabic numerals and the history of algebra in Maths, Islamic medicine in History, the Qur’an as a source of authority for Muslims in Religious Studies, Arabic language taster lessons and quizzes in form time. A particular highlight of our Arabic month was the musical performance for year 7 and 8 students. Maya Youssef, a Syrian Qanun player performed her music for us as she shared how she was determined to play this traditional Arabic instrument despite being told “it’s an instrument for boys”. She went on to open up about how the Syrian war led her to start composing, the story of her dream of bombs falling down onto her and turning into white petals was particularly eye-opening and led to her composing “Bombs Turn into Roses”. Students enjoyed experiencing one of the many facets of Arabic culture first-hand and year 7, especially, were full of questions for Maya. Additionally, this month, we have also had a special culinary focus on Arabic cuisine. With huge thanks to Mrs Green and her team in the kitchen, the students and staff enjoyed Ras-el-Hanout Chicken tray bake, Shakshuka with Mahalabia dessert for a special themed lunch this week.

Anglo is currently working with the British Council, the Qatar Foundation and Dragon Training to develop on-line resources for Arabic language development in the primary sector. In the wake of the football world cup in Qatar, we know there will be increasing interest in this wonderful language and culture. Our KS3 students are really enjoying their lunchtime Arabic club and developing language skills that will set them apart as unique and distinctive.