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Mandarin Excellence Programme

The students gave presentations in Mandarin Chinese and then responded to questions about the Mandarin Excellence Programme from the Lords and APPG members present. The attendees were highly impressed by the level of their language, and in particular, their pronunciation and accuracy of their written characters. We were also treated to a tour of the Houses of Parliament and were able to sit in on a debate in the House of Lords.

The fluency and competence of the pupils was praised by everyone attending, including a Cambridge professor. Mr Bald, a member of the Teaching Schools Council wrote to congratulate the school on the exceptional presentation by the students and to the All Party Parliamentary Group. “The students’ understanding of both written and spoken Mandarin showed the benefits of this approach in learning new languages.”

In June, Elise Adeyemo 7C was invited to speak at the official opening of the Model UCL IOE Confucius Institute at 15 Woburn Square, London. UCL. Provost and President Michael Arthur cut the ribbon alongside PKU President Lin Jianhua, Minister Zhu Qin of the Chinese Embassy to the UK and Dame Nicola Brewer, Vice Provost (International) at UCL. Both complimented Elise on her fluency, use of characters and perfect tones and her performance was mentioned again in the opening speeches of the IOE Confucius Institute Annual Chinese Conference, the biggest CPD for teachers of Mandarin in the country by Dame Nicola Brewer and Professor Becky Francis is Director of the UCL Institute of Education.