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Native Speaker Event

All French, German and Spanish native speakers in Key Stage 3 came together for the first ever native speaker enrichment event hosted by the Languages Department. Students worked in their language groups to write and perform a play in French, German or Spanish, using only a bag of random objects as inspiration.  Mrs Peeters, Head of Languages said “After two hours of planning, preparation and rehearsal, we all gathered in the main hall, where each group performed their play in front of their peers.

The event was a huge success and students have now been tasked with writing a review of the event in their native language, which we will use as part of our display at open evening in September.

A very big thanks to Madame Gallet, Mrs Latimer, Frau Appiah, all the sixth form prefects and of course, all the students for making this a success. Now to plan for next year!”