The impact of the MEP at Anglo European School

This month’s edition of the Linguist contains an article on the impact of the MEP at the Anglo European School:… Read the full article

Year 9 Enterprise Days

Our Year 9 students participated this week in an Enterprise Day organised and delivered by our Lower Sixth IBCP students… Read the full article

Schools Will Rock You

The Anglo’s recent production of Schools Will Rock You unwrapped like a delicious box of chocolates; with a treat for… Read the full article

25th annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party

On Tuesday 10th December, the Upper Sixth Community group hosted the 25th annual Senior Citizens Christmas Party. Record numbers attended and guests… Read the full article

Local community joins Anglo at the hustings event

Over 100 staff, students, parents and members of the local community came to the hustings for the General Election 2019… Read the full article

Politics students invitation to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Our Upper Sixth Politics students were very¬† fortunate to be invited to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The students were… Read the full article

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