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Prison Me! No Way!

Prison Me! No Way! (PMNW) is an educational charity that aims to raise awareness about the causes, consequences of committing crime.  The visit of PMNW was kindly supported by Brentwood Borough Council and delivered to all of our Year 8 pupils instead of normal lessons for the whole day.

Pupils were ‘treated’ to various workshops on topics ranging from railway crime and safety to life in prison.  The workshop on prison involved showing pupils a mock prison cell transported to the school in a box van.  The lack of space and privacy was clear for all to see.  In other workshops, pupils listened to the stories from visitors who had been convicted of very serious crimes, the consequences for them and their families and how their choices could have been made different.  It was made clear that many poor decisions were split second decisions with potentially life changing consequences.  The day ended with ‘privileges’ given in the form of prizes for pupils who demonstrated excellent attitudes and engagements throughout the day.

The impact of the day was hard hitting both for pupils and accompanying staff.  The personal accounts of visitors with experience of prison and crime from both sides of the prison bars left pupils humbled, shocked but also desperate to ask questions.  If this day helps just one person to consider their actions and not make choices that lead to prison or a criminal record then the day has been worth it.  I am confident that pupils will remember this day as one of the more memorable of their school days and that they are in no doubt about the consequences of committing crime.