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Pupils Celebrate as IB Results are Released

We are delighted with our first external examination results for 2012. On Friday 6th July our Students who studied for the International Baccalaureate Diploma were celebrating their successes.  Our Diploma students achieved an average points score of 32, significantly above the world average of 29 points.  We are particularly proud of this achievement given the comprehensive nature of our intake.

We have a wealth of experience in the teaching of this course having offered it as an alternative to traditional A levels since 1977.

Our students have gained places at some of the top UK institutions including Oxford, UCL, and Edinburgh. The breadth of the I.B diploma reflects the range of degrees our students are going on to study from the traditional subjects , French, German, Economics , History of Art to the more unusual ones including South East Asian studies and even Veterinary Science at the Royal Veterinary College.

Our students recognise that there are challenges to studying the diploma whilst recognising the advantages that it gives them when moving on to Higher Education:

Claire Lowe (French and German, Oriel College, Oxford) “I found the IB very challenging in terms of depth and breadth, however it really helped me to develop study skills that will be invaluable at university.

Hannah Hoyle (Economic History, Edinburgh) “The IB has been a very challenging and stimulating course, which I believe has been well worth the extra effort. I have thoroughly enjoyed the independence it offers along with the wide range of subjects and feel not only that it gave me an advantage in gaining an offer from university, but has now also prepared me well for the next 4 years.”

Luke Riley (Music, Brunel)"Studying the IB has been an unbelievable challenge, but the results it yields are truly worth it. It has taught me to focus on the essentials and to work to a very tight schedule, and I'm sure that these will become invaluable skills for University and beyond."

We are also delighted that our first cohort for the International Baccalaureate Career Related Certificate all achieved their qualification. This programme of study was introduced in 2010 when we became the first UK state school to offer it. This unique programme enables students to take at least one applied A level alongside the rigour of I.B. subjects at a standard level. It also involves the study of a modern foreign language, some vocational study and community service. We had 100% pass rate for the students on this course in their I.B. standard subjects.

Both of these I.B programmes are designed to give students a broad, well-rounded international education and the skills needed by universities, employers and society at large.  

Mr Barrs, Co-Headteacher said:  “IB courses are a distinctive feature of our outstanding sixth form and we are pleased yet again, that our students continue to perform …at such a high level. The students and staff have worked very hard for this success.  We expect our A-level results to be very good too but, unfortunately, the A-level students have to wait another month for their results!”