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Royal Air Force Visit

Year 10 students had the privilege to engage in an interactive, dynamic and informative ‘show’ put on by the RAF about the science of flight. They witnessed the use of one of the most up to date drones and learned how they are used in the armed forces. As well as the team demonstrating with the use of air blowers, wing sections and 2 of the same jet engines Yves Rossy used to fly across the English Channel.  They explained the science of flight concerning lift, drag, thrust and weight. The students were amazed by how the science and engineering sections of the RAF enabled them to set a new altitude record for paramotoring by tackling and overcoming the problems that altitude, cold and wind have on the human body, motor and fuel function and material stability and strength. ( Before a closing talk from two RAF ambassadors who explained about the many job opportunities available in the RAF, some students got to experience a virtual reality headset which is an effective tool for pilot training and all watched a video of the enormous new helium filled airships which can stay aloft for days, using less fuel and carrying heavier loads than conventional aircraft. This is a new technology the RAF are hoping to make future use of.