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School Amnesty Youth Group organise Volleyball match to raise awareness

Students belonging to the Amnesty Youth Group at the Anglo European School in Ingatestone organised a volleyball match to help raise awareness for Amnesty International’s current campaign to free Iranian Ghoncheh Ghavami.

Ghoncheh Ghavami is being held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison solely for taking part in a peaceful protest for the right for women to attend Volleyball World League matches at stadiums in Iran.

The Volleyball match raised in the region of £140, upper sixth student and organiser Natalie Ohene said “I think it went really well! People seemed to be having a great time”

Upper sixth student Hannah Rushen said of the event, “ I loved taking part in this volleyball tournament because not only did we get to have fun but it was all for a great cause, everyone there was enjoying themselves! The fact that it had a direct link to the cause itself and that we can raise awareness about Ghoncheh’s situation made the afternoon really worthwhile.”

Another upper sixth student that took part Charlie Thurston said “I would say that it was great fun for a great organisation like Amnesty International, where the lower 6th and upper 6th united to raise money for a miscarriage of justice against Ghoncheh Ghavami, a British – Iranian woman that was arrested in Iran simply for attending a male volleyball match.”