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School of History Professor talks to Year 9 students about WW1

Professor Mark Connelly from the school of History at Kent University visited the Anglo European School to give a talk to Year 9 students about World War One. Professor Connelly enthused the students by making them question why we study history and how we can piece together the past using evidence. He used his specialist area of the Great War as a source for examples. After addressing the whole of Year 9, Professor Connelly then worked with 15 GCSE (AMA) History students who have shown a particular interest in, and flair for, the subject. The discussions were both profound and informative and left the students with plenty of food for thought.

“This was an invaluable opportunity for the students to consider fundamental questions about the nature of studying History through the topic of World War One. The students were fantastic and made the most of these thought-provoking ideas.” – A Price