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Senior citizens’ party was a fantastic success

The senior citizens’ party was a fantastic success this year despite the fact that the week before when it was initially scheduled it had to be cancelled due to the snow.  The Sixth Formers really pulled together to give our guests an afternoon to remember.  They enjoyed singing Christmas carols along with our school choir, listened to a lovely solo from Lottie Bradford and were entertained by our Lower Sixth pantomime team.  They also took part in a game of bingo and all left with prizes from the raffle, all kindly donated by members of the community, students and parents.

Livvy Hendrick said “Despite the party being cancelled last week, the team was able to sort everything out in time for the rescheduled date. We had a great turnout of around 55 people, all of which seemed to enjoy themselves. The team members were great at chatting to the OAPs and getting to know a little bit about them. They enjoyed the entertainment and especially the bingo! The visitors were also very thankful for all of their gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team and I would happily do it again.” Michael Zalewski added “Organising, planning, and re-organising the Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party was an invaluable experience. I would say, being given the responsibility to organise the party, from start to finish is the greatest test in comparison to previous Citizenship events and activities in the school. It is not only the fact that we were given the responsibility to carry out a task, and only guidance along the way, which enabled us all to gain the utmost from the activity. Organising the event was challenging, it consisted of balancing studies, deadlines as well as other commitments, yet still making party plans and agendas to piece the party together. The planning phase was also tricky, but we managed to work well in teams sharing responsibilities, and communicating between the teams – helping each other to make sure everything was being done. The event enabled me to develop upon my skillset, but more importantly enabled the Senior Citizens of Ingatestone have a good time, it is this that I am proudest of. The day ran smoothly seeing the guests exuberant, and (somewhat) content in our main hall alongside the sixth-form body, talking and smiling amongst each-other made me really pleased. It was this end out-come we had all worked for and achieved, but it has to be said that the work which we have done is only one part of the story. The event is a community event – between the School and Ingatestone, and without the help of many people’s time, generosity and understanding it would not have been anything that was made possible yesterday.”

Thank you to all our parents, students and community for all their kind donations.  Thank you also to Raynors for donating all the sandwiches.