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Sixth Form student fundraising for ToiletTwinning

“Hello everyone, my name is Esther Itieimoh and one of my policies as Deputy Head Girl was to link the use of spare change to a fundraising scheme. ToiletTwinning is a charity that not only builds safe and functioning latrines for communities in the developing world but also educates them on the importance of sanitation.

With help from them and the school, I was able to put together this mobile loo. Over the next few weeks I will be moving it to various locations around the school with the aim that people will dispense their spare change in it. The main goal is £240 to build a block of latrines and I’m kindly asking if you see this around school you could donate as much as you’re willing to give.

Once we have achieved this, we will receive a certificate with the location and a picture of the place the latrine was built and be added onto the websites supporter map.

Thank you for your help.