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Student appointed as Senior Princess at the Witham Carnival Court

We’re delighted to announce that Sherya Rajeev has been appointed as Senior Princess at the Witham Carnival Court. This will involve representing the town in various events across the county in the coming year. To achieve the title, Sherya had to attend two interviews in front of the Mayor, the local MP, Preti Patel, and council members. She was asked about her vision for the town and how it could be improved and she focused her responses on supporting promoting adoption as a means of providing children with good homes and better facilities and provision for the elderly.

Sherya spoke about the areas of her education that she was most proud of and enjoyed such as Drama, Music, (she plays piano, guitar and violin) PE and Languages. She is currently studying three languages – Italian, German and French and explained how her experiences at the Anglo had developed her confidence and ability to put herself forward for positions of responsibility and exciting enrichment activities such as her recent visit to Kerala with the International Drama Academy. Sherya is an impressive young woman who the Anglo can be very proud of as she takes on this very public role in the coming year.