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Students celebrate years of hard work as they receive their GCSE results

Anglo students celebrated 5 years of hard work today when they received their GCSE results. Although we move in to a new era of GCSEs with a new grading system, the emotions remain the same – excitement, elation, joy and relief. Some will, of course, be disappointed but the overwhelming feeling today was positive, as young people of all abilities sensed real achievement.

With the changes, it is not possible to compare with previous years but what we can say is that our students have enjoyed remarkable success in a range of subjects which is a hallmark of the Anglo’s broad, baccalaureate curriculum. They are well-prepared to move on to the next stage of their educational journey. In fact, no less than nine subjects achieved 100% grade A*-C, the average grade in 19 subjects was a Grade A*, A or B and in 27 subjects the pass rate was 100%.

In addition to success in English, Mathematics and Science, 73% of our students achieved at least one good grade (A*-C) in a modern foreign language, 90% achieved a Level 4 (a pass in the new system of grading) in English Language/Literature and almost 80% did so in Mathematics – both of which have been made more challenging this year. Indeed, in English 36% achieved a Grade 7-9 (equivalent to the old Grade A, A* and A*+) and 21% did so in Mathematics. Altogether, Anglo students sat a GCSE in 12 languages – who said the British were not good at learning languages?!

Whilst it is no longer possible to compare with previous years, we can compare with the national picture; the % of students achieving a Grade C or the new Grade 4 is 75% for the Anglo (nationally 66.3%); those achieving a Grade A or 7 is 29.2% at the Anglo (20% nationally); English Literature Grade 4+ 85.6% (71.9%), English Language 83.1% (64.9%) and Mathematics 77.6% (69%).

Co-headteacher, David Barrs, said “The way in which our staff and students have responded to the changes in GCSEs this year has been impressive. The removal of coursework and staged unit assessments plus the re-writing of the syllabus specifications have made the exams far more challenging. We must continue to manage these changes but also be aware of the additional pressures this places on our students.”

Jody Gee, Co-headteacher, added “One new aspect in the results table this year is the introduction of the new Grade 9, a “gold standard” which exceeds the A* level of attainment and is awarded to the top 1% of students nationally. We were particularly delighted to achieve 4 in English Language, 10 in English literature and 4 in Mathematics in this first year; an exceptional achievement for these students.”

Note: As of this year, GCSE’s have been made deliberately more challenging as a result of Government policy and, of course, a new 9-1 grading system is being introduced starting with English and Mathematics. It is not possible, therefore, to make comparisons with previous years and the 9-1 grading system must not be compared to the A*-U system that is being phased out.

One consequence of this, is that it is not possible to talk of ‘record’ results in a general sense, but the school will be assessing each department against the targets we set to ensure that progress continues and variations between subjects are minimised.