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Students Celebrate International Day

This is an annual event at the Anglo European School where the students celebrate the unique cultural diversity of our international 6th form through a series of events including the preparation of food, listening to different languages amongst the 57 spoken in the school, whilst dressed in their national costume. They share activities and traditions which have been passed down through their families over generations.  Activities this year included lessons in Gaelic, Persian and Italian, the sharing of henna, origami and tea ceremonies and more light-hearted competitions such as the best dressed, marhjong, the chopstick challenge and Afrobeats.  The students enhance their appreciation for each other’s culture, heritage, language and background through this very significant event in the 6th form calendar.  Mr Newton, Assistant Headteacher (Director of Sixth Form) said “This is a really fun day that brings the Sixth Form together to enjoy the diversity that makes this Sixth Form so distinctive.”