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Students create a garden that will benefit the school community

The garden club has undertaken a year long project to design and create a garden that will benefit the school community. They entered a competition called Green Plan It challenge, with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in September to complete a ten week programme. Following the competition they were awarded £1000 to create their design which has now become a reality, due to other kind donations and grants amounting to £4,500.

They have created two raised beds, one filled with flowers and one vegetables, with a view to planting a wild flower meadow early next year, with a fruit tree orchard. The area can be used by different subjects in future, such as Biology, Geography, Technology and Art, to carry out subject related learning outdoors, for example using quadrats, drawing, cooking or making compost.

The area will also become an environmental area to encourage wildlife on the school site. We are currently looking into making bee bowls and bird boxes to further develop the idea. Many thanks from the team to all who helped make this dream come true, with a special mention to our Headteachers, site team and science technicians. Many thanks to all!