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Testimony of a Holocaust Survivor

We were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Holocaust survivor, Leslie Kleinman. He shared an emotional , personal stories with the Headteachers and some Lower Sixth History students over tea and then gave his testimony to an audience of approximately 100 members of staff, students and members of the local community. His key message to us all is that love triumphs over hatred. He spoke emotively about the impact of the love of his mother and older sister in his early childhood and the vivid memories of his separation from his family, hard labour whist in Auschwitz and his enduring faith in God and subsequent resilience that enabled him to endure temperatures of -20 on the death marches. At 89, he spends his time visiting schools in this country and all over Europe to educate the next generation about the Holocaust and what lessons must be learnt. It was an honour and a privilege to hear living history shared in such a personal and powerful manner and we[‘re very grateful to Leslie and his wife Miriam for spending the afternoon with us. A special mention should also go to Lower Sixth student Alice Barry who initiated and organised this event, following her visit to Auscwitz as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust programme. Leslie was impressed with her commitment and determination to make this event happen and for her generation to hear his testimony first hand.