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The World of Work

Inevitably, the World of Work is an unknown place for many students when in their teens. Here at the Anglo European School we provide numerous opportunities for our students to develop their enterprise and workplace skills with the aim of better equipping them to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global workplace. From Enterprise days organised and delivered by our lower sixth IBC cohort with some “experts” on hand where students consider the ethical, social and moral responsibilities of opening a business, to work experience placements locally, nationally and internationally spanning the globe from Japan to Brazil alongside international work experience exchanges, our young people are repeatedly gaining an insight into the skills and attitudes required in the workplace.

A World of Work day is held comprising employability skills workshops and a formal interview with external professionals and to our students delight they get networking at our Career Speed Dating event with the opportunity of a second date with professionals in specific spheres of work.  The positive benefits of these opportunities are clearly visible:- a greater focus on learning to achieve their aims, increased maturity to make informed career choices and the soft skills so crucial to success in the workplace but moreover preparing them not only for employment but for life developing into rounded and confident individuals.