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TMW Work experience

Five students from Year 11, Brisa Catteneo, Lottie Dahlen, Amelia Houghton, Abdul Allinson and Max Aspey-Kent are currently doing a two week work experience placement with TMW Unlimited, a Customer Engagement Agency based in the West End of London after entering the in-house competition for the chance to gain invaluable work experience. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to experience, first-hand, what the working world of a Customer Engagement Agency involves. It is sometimes difficult to gain access to the creative industries, even if our students have the right aptitude, interest or talent. TMW have not only opened this door but taken the door off its hinges by offering five of our students real life exposure to the industry by working on and influencing the launch of a real life product. One student said it “a truly incredible chance – we got to create something amazing, inspired by our generation.” The students are being given the opportunity to experience many aspects of the advertising business during their placement and are working on a live project which they will present on their last day.We are very grateful to TMW for affording such a privilege to our students.