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Touring production company reinforce messages regarding road safety

On Wednesday 14th September, Year 7 were treated to a visit from a touring production company, The Riot Act. Their visit was to reinforce messages regarding road safety. Our guests performed a short production piece detailing the lives of three school aged people caught up in the normal pressures of peer influence. Tragically, one bad decision resulted in a terrible accident where one of them was hit by a car, leading to life-changing consequences for all involved. The second part of the session was a workshop encouraging pupils to consider their everyday actions, attitudes to risk taking and the consequences of not taking road safety seriously. These consequences not only affected the individual involved in the accident, but family and friends too.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) who oversaw the organisation of the session said, “It is all too easy for young people to think that they are immune to the possible dire consequences of not taking road safety seriously. Most pupils think that they would be able to follow the much repeated advice given about road safety, however, the statistics support the sad fact that there are still too many young people injured and killed as a result of not taking road safety seriously by taking risks near the road, not paying attention, and bowing to peer pressure and peer influence. I am confident that this production not only reinforced what young people are told many times, but challenged them to consider the consequences of not taking the issue seriously. Despite the extremely warm temperatures in the Hall this afternoon, Year 7 were brilliant in the way they listened and interacted.”