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Validated League Tables Published

The validated League tables are published today and confirm the school's excellent results from August 2011. Over the last 4 years, the school's 5A*-C including English and Mathematics has shown a rising trend with the 2011 figure of 79% being the highest in the school's history. 82% of our students achieved A*-C in both English and Mathematics.

The progress of our students in English and Mathematics is very impressive  and places us within the top 25% of schools nationally for this progress. 89% of the students made, or exceeded, their expected progress from Key Stage 2 to Key stage 4 in english and 84% achieved the same in Mathematics.

For the first time, figures have been given which highlight the effect of G.C.S.E 'equivalent' qualifications ( eg BTEC science which equates to 4 G.C.S.E grades) on the capped point score of students nationally.

Value added is the measure of the progress that students make during their time in secondary school. It is calculated on the best 8 subjects including English and Mathematics. This is the 'capped total point score'. The national capped total point score drops significantly when the 'equivalents' are removed. Our score, which includes no equivalent qualifications, remains unchanged. This gives a very clear indication that, because we have remained committed to a broad and balanced curriculum with no 'equivalents', we have been disadvantaged with 'value added' which remains a key measure.

In future 'equivalents' will be regarded as one G.C.S.E which we believe will be a fairer system.