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Well-being Guidance

Schools provide a safe place for students who can seek support on well-being matters from our trained staff and trusted adults. We are mindful that should school close, that vital link between students and our staff may be temporarily lost. With that in mind, we have shared links below for you to share with your child, particularly, if you or your child has any well-being concerns.

We know that some students’ concerns have been heightened by ‘fake news’ published on social media. Each day our staff are trying to reassure young people about the current health scare. Please can you support us and your child by pointing them to reliable news sources.

These links provide good advice and help for young people who have mental health concerns; – free online support and counseling – free 24/7 support across the UK for young people experiencing a mental health crisis. – free advice and guidance for children and adults experiencing mental health illness– this provides you with some ideas of how to manage your mental health especially in the coming weeks

These links provide accurate and professional advice on the corona virus; – NHS advice on coping with the coronavirus – coronavirus information – coronavirus information

These links provide ideas on how you can look out for each other;

Research suggests that being kind to others is an important means of developing and maintaining positive mental health – ideas about keeping in touch with elderly relatives

This link provides advice on how families can cope with self-isolation;

Remember, Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst quarantined during the bubonic plague.