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Year 10 Drama students to perform at Chelmsford’s Civic Theatre

Shakespeare Schools Festival, ‘We use the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives’.

We are thrilled to announce year 10 Drama students’ performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Anglo European School have been working alongside Shakespearean theatre practitioners in an active and ambitious way. Months of preparation culminate in an exhilarating performance, 1st November 2016 at the Civic Theatre Chelmsford; our students playing Shakespeare in a professional theatre. We hope you can join us by booking your tickets in advance through the theatre’s box office (details attached).

As part of the preparation for this Festival all Year 10 Drama students were invited to spend the morning at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford. They worked with Shakespearean practitioners; helping them fine tune some of the scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” that they will be performing on 1st November. The students threw themselves into all the physical and vocal workshops, often stepping out of their comfort zones! The experience was hugely beneficial and the students have been able to bring this into the classroom to further support the development of the production.

Doors Open: 7pm. Tuesday, 1st November

Book Tickets: 01245 606505