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Year 11 Mock Results

Congratulations to all our Year 11s on completing their mock GCSE examinations; today they discovered their results in a special assembly.  This time is designed to give them a real sense of what it would be like to open the envelope in the summer and discover what they have achieved, whether this be as expected, beyond or below their expectations and to reflect on their outcomes, revision techniques and exam strategies.  Mrs Wootton, Year Leader, spoke to the students about “Growth Mindset” and the power of the word “yet” in reflecting on results. Many students have not achieved their targets “yet” but are well on their way and have a clearer understanding of what help, advice and guidance is available to support them. Some of our Lower Sixth students shared their experiences of GCSE and told the students what they would do differently if they were now back in their Year 11 shoes.

Mrs Gee said, “We are very proud of our Year 11 students; they took this experience seriously and worked conscientiously towards their goals and many students were pleased were their results this morning, knowing these certificates were a reflection of their best efforts. We will continue to support, guide and encourage them in what is a challenging and stressful time for them all.”

Zoe Coppin, who is hoping to go on to study Mathematics, exceeded expectations as a result of her hard work  and determination to achieve her target grades said, “I am overwhelmed with these fantastic results, I never thought I would be able to get a 6 in English and A* in French and Spanish.”