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Year 11 Perform Road Safety Play

Year 11 students had a visit from Collingwood Learning to perform ‘Dead End’. This is part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s (SERP) road safety programme and delivered to highlight passenger responsibilities at a time when students may travel with newly qualified drivers.

‘Dead End’ is delivered through incredibly powerful monologues interspersed with theatrical action, and imagery via a projection screen. The audience is guided powerfully through the key messages as we see the build-up to, and consequences of two crashes. Designed for this age group, the performance uses a ‘talking heads’ style approach with graphic descriptions of the crashes and the emotional scars. This performance has been particularly effective as a means of communicating powerfully with Year 11s, who have proved highly receptive to this more sophisticated and emotive approach.
Key messages: Don’t drink/drug drive; wear seatbelts; don’t distract the driver; don’t speed or show off.