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Year 11 take part in their World of Work day

Inevitably, the World of Work (WOW) is an unknown place for many students when in their teens but last Friday 18th January our Year 11 students had a flavour of the workplace by participating in our WOW day. The overall aim of WOW is to better equip our students to be more competitive and influential in the increasingly global world of work. More specifically, it is to give our students an insight into the skills and attitudes required for the world of work and to give them the opportunity to practise, develop and demonstrate these in a familiar environment BUT with unknown professionals (to them, but known to AES as many of the 37 interviewers were ex-students / parents / local community professionals).

All students attended in business dress and participated in a number of employability skills workshops as well as a mock interview with an external professional who gave invaluable personal verbal and written feedback to each student. Student responses to the interviews were enlightening – “I’ve learnt not to be over confident, be calm and collected”, “If you look the part, it’ll give you more confidence”, “Interviews aren’t as scary as I thought they would be” and “I need to add more to my CV and get more work experience”

Interviewer responses included “Every one of the students were a credit to themselves and the school”, “They were all really good at providing positive and useful advice to each other” and “Fantastic to meet some talented young people who speak very highly of the school”.

The workshops comprised of Interview Skills, Career Strengths and Development, Proving Your Worth in IT office skills, Financial Skills and Creative Thinking.

Overall, the day was deemed a huge success, one of our workshop presenters summed things up… “I work in about 30 schools all over the country, throughout the year, delivering my workshops to students. What makes schools unique are the people who inhabit them. When I come to the Anglo I find bright, inquisitive young people who have time and respect for their teachers, time and respect for visitors and time and respect for each other. Days such as these are rare. Few teachers see the benefit of taking a whole day out of the timetable, especially in a GCSE year, but it is days such as these which sets the Anglo apart. Everyone here has been given a unique insight into how the world of work operates – an opportunity that has been grabbed with both hands. I have no doubt in my mind that schools such as the Anglo are the best that I work in and Anglo itself represents the best of the best”.