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Year 7 learn important first aid skills

On Friday 9th September, our new Year 7 pupils attended a ‘Save a Life’ first aid talk delivered by Michelle Bayford from St John’s Ambulance. The focus of the session was dealing with a casualty, assessing the situation, treating severe bleeding and treating shock. Pupils were also advised on making sure that they were as safe as possible when dealing with a casualty including removing danger and good hygiene. The session was delivered as part of the school’s Citizenship and PSHE programme.

Head of Citizenship, Mr Hills said, “We hope we will never be in a situation to use the knowledge and skills communicated in this session, but you never know. At the Anglo, we are committed to pupils being informed citizens with the knowledge and skills to take appropriate action and this session is designed to support pupils to take safe and effective action under pressure.” In addition to this session, we plan to deliver a more intensive first aid education later in the year for Year 7 that includes CPR. There was a lot of information to pupils to take in and they have been encourage to revise their first aid knowledge in their own time. One way that they can do this is to play the ‘Rescue Run’ simulation game from St John Ambulance by clicking on the following link