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Year 7 Learning First-Aid Basics

Year 7 took part in basic first-aid training including CPR, using a defibrillator and putting a person in the recovery position. This engaging workshop used resources provided by the British Heart Foundation’s Call Push Rescue package. The message to the pupils is that hopefully they will not need to use life-saving skills, but you should always be prepared for such an eventuality. Doing something is better than doing nothing. The session included checking for danger, assessing the response from a collapsed person and then, if required, administering CPR. Pupils were very engaged and quickly got the idea of the CPR technique. Many pupils found the procedure tiring and were reminded to always call for help and take advice from medically or specifically first-aid trained people. Pupils were also shown the difference between CPR on an adult and CPR on a child.

Mr Hills (Head of Citizenship) commented: ‘The pupils dealt with the scenario presented with maturity and followed instructions closely. Learning these skills is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that pupils are given broad learning experiences that prepare them for life. I hope that they will never need to use these skills, but if they do, they should be more confident in applying them. It is hoped to deliver other emergency first-aid training in later years.’