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Year 7 students take part in a Window on China day

On the 15th and 16th of October, Year 7 students at the Anglo European School took part in a Window on China day. The day formed part of our international curriculum and gave students the opportunity to learn some basic Chinese, try some calligraphy, have a go at Chinese drumming, take part in a Chinese craft workshop, and learn some tai ch’i and a Chinese morning exercise routine.

The theme for the day was ‘Numbers,’ and by the end of the day, students could count from 1-99 in Chinese and write the characters for numbers 1-10. The day was hugely popular with students who said they found it ‘awesome’ and ‘exciting’ to learn about a culture so different from their own. Mrs Williams, Lead Practitioner of Chinese at the Anglo European School and Manager of the Essex Confucius Classroom commented, ‘The Window on China days gave students a taster experience of Chinese culture and language. They enjoyed the challenge of learning the Chinese numbers and participating in different cultural workshops. The day was a huge success and we hope to run something similar again next year.’