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Year 7s visit Cambridge University

Year 7s took part in a competition in relation to the Ovid Project.  The finalists, Mofi Aladejebi, Carys Balch, Sam Bland, Pria Bradstreet and Beth Robinson were selected to take part in this special day.  The Project was essentially to promote the importance of speaking and listening skills in English. They spent time listening to Ovid’s stories and interpreting them in different ways (art, drama, creative writing). It was also part of an outreach programme set up by the Classics Department at Newnham College to encourage students from state schools to consider classics at Cambridge at degree level.

Bob Lister (at Dept of Classics, University of Cambridge, Newnham College) said: “It is so wonderful to have so many students here and involved in this project. Hopefully it will encourage them to think about studying classics here at Cambridge.”

Mrs Bradstreet, English teacher: “The students worked brilliantly on this project, which focused on the stories of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. We were very proud to have all our entrants Highly Commended by the judges, who were impressed by the originality of the submissions.” Pria Bradstreet said: “I love Cambridge! I might come here.”