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Year 8 participate in a Drugs Awareness Day

Year 8 participated in a Drugs Awareness Day as part of their Personal Citizenship education.  All pupils attended three hours of workshops related to the effects that both legal and illegal substances can have.   Effects explored included the biological, personal and social consequences of using drugs from alcohol to Class A substances.  Pupils were also taught about the potential legal consequences.  The workshops were designed to be informative and contained some hard-hitting content including seeing how a hospital deals with alcohol and drug related admissions.

Paul Hannaford made his annual visit to speak to Year 8 about his life experiences related to gangs, drugs and violent crime.  Paul’s heart-breaking story demonstrates not only the potential consequences for personal health, but also the very sad and lasting impact this has had on his relationships with his family.  Paul does not hold back on the often grim reality of his experience and his talk will be remembered by pupils for many years into the future.

The drugs awareness education also dovetails with pupils studying crime and the criminal justice system in Citizenship lessons.  Later in the month, Year 8 will have an opportunity to develop their understanding related to this more in the Crime and Safety Awareness Day.  This day is run entirely by visitors coordinated by the No Way Trust.  We plan to have former prison officers, police officers, Network Rail and the Red Cross educating pupils about their personal safety and the importance of making the right decisions.  This will be the fourth consecutive year that we will have the No Way Trust visiting and the quality of what they have to offer is truly memorable.

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